A machiavellian bach!

Screenplay: done!

Hey fellows! I’m glad to see you that we’ve just had a cool meeting with our friend Elstump. With her help we’ve revised a new and ass-kicking screenplay. The coolest thing? You’re going to watch an original experimental short movie from the Gang in less than one month. Yikes!

So, there’s a very important task for you my friends. We really need you to support Mr.What’s 3d sounds experiments because we’re going to involve the latest holophonic sound techniques in our short. Man, it’s gonna be a lot of work!

Elstump and Mr.What (and Lucky taking the shot) revising the new screenplay

Support the gang now! Look how we are cute while working!

A touching image. To be an artist in Italy means you will not be able to afford at the same time a decent phone and a real notepad!

A touching capture. To be an artist in Italy means you will not be able to afford a decent phone and a real notepad at the same time!

Btw, while we’re working hard I wish to share with you something that Mr.What has recently found. C’era Una Volta a Roma (Once Upon A Time In Rome… And no, it is not a coincidence) is a massive event promoted by Red Bull Music Academy. The juicy thing is that all-star musicians from all over the world had been directed to perform the music of the most awesome Italian cult movies. The event featured fresh and witty artists such as Musica Nuda, which we really love.

Fair enough for now. I will keep you up to date step-by-step my friends. See you soon!